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“The Dead Don’t Die” Does the Zombie Genre to Death

The idea of casting Iggy Pop as a zombie isn’t just an excellent joke. It’s also sound economics. Think of the savings! When it comes to hair, complexion, and costume, he’s ready to roll. In Jim Jarmusch’s new movie, “The Dead Don’t Die,” we find ourselves in …

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‘Murder Mystery’ Review: A Whodunit on the High Seas

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston’s first collaboration, the woeful romantic comedy “Just Go With It,” landed flat in 2011. Now they are back with the sluggish “Murder Mystery,” which does not even clear that low bar. Anybody who has seen “Funny People,” …

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New Music Friday: Our Top 8 Albums Out June 14

It’s a packed release week, starting with Western Stars, Bruce Springsteen’s lush and loving ode to mid-’60s orchestral pop. The metal band Baroness ventures into prog-rock territory with its most ambitiously artful release to date, while British spoken word …

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Film Review: ‘Murder Mystery’

There’s a fortune at loose and Adam Sandler is on the case — in fiction and reality. A decade ago, “Murder Mystery,” a caffeinated comedy that stars Sandler and Jennifer Aniston as working class New Yorkers whose European vacation gets handcuffed to a …

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Love Island’s Maura Higgins shocks viewers as she invites Tommy Fury into bed in front of Molly-Mae

LOVE Island’s Maura shocked viewers by inviting Tommy Fury into her bed in front of Molly-Mae, who he is currently coupled up with. The cougar, 28, couldn’t resist jumping at the opportunity to snuggle up with the handsome 20-year-old boxer, despite the …

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